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Company Car Tomorrow Cover Image - Winter 2017Sister title to Company Car Today, Company Car Tomorrow is published quarterly by Automotive Media & Events Limited and edited by former What Car? editor, David Motton.

Devised to help inform and guide fleet decision makers within SME organisations, Company Car Tomorrow will investigate everything from plug-in and hybrid powertrains to the development of autonomous technology, big data, the shift towards mobility and how advancing safety and mobile technology will impact upon the operation of company cars and wider business mobility.

For further information or to advertise within Company Car Tomorrow, please contact Dave Wallace via 07739 554329 / dave@automotivemedia.co.uk.


Meet the team

Dave Wallace

Dave Wallace


Background: Having most recently spent 8 years publishing fleet titles, David’s experience extends to two decades driving products within the architectural, automotive, design, facilities, lighting, office and power sectors, working with national and global brands and media agencies to deliver multi-channel campaigns.

David Motton, Editor of Company Car Tomorrow

David Motton


Background: Editor of Company Car Tomorrow, David has getting on for 20 years of experience writing about the UK car market, most notably with What Car? having spent over 7 years working on the magazine, the last two years of which as editor. David has also contributed to BusinessCar, Practical Caravan, Good Motoring, The Telegraph and FirstCar.

Paul Barker

Group Editor

Background: Having worked as a motoring journalist since 2000, Paul has written for titles including MotorTrader, Autocar, BusinessCar and What Van, and has also written for titles including The Express and Auto Retail Bulletin.